Passion Sunday - B - March 25, 2018


The Passion narrative in Mark paints a scene of humiliation. The great Jesus of Nazareth hung from a cross. He was abandoned by his closest followers, arrested alone, judged and executed in a swift manner. Yet, Jesus did not give up hope. He shares that hope with us for our darkest times.

Sunday Studies:

PALM PROCESSION In these passages from John, Jesus entered the city of David with kingly imagery; he evoked the Psalms. This would be his last public appearance in John before his arrest and execution.

FIRST READING In the passage from (Second) Isaiah, the author faced shame and ridicule for sharing the good news of immanent release from captivity. Christians apply this verses to Jesus in his suffering and death.

PSALM Psalm 22 speaks of tough times, when enemies surround and threaten us. It is a hymn of hope in the tough times, a theme Jesus alluded to on the cross.

SECOND READING The second reading presents the magnificent hymn about the Christ found in Philippians 2. Like the Suffering Servant from Isaiah, the hymn shows us a Christ who would empty himself to become one like us, and would be obedient unto death.

GOSPEL The Passion according to Mark is one of liberation, hope, and love. Through pain and death, he gave his life for us, to us.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS FOR LENT Readings for the Fifth Week in Lent.

FEAST OF ST. JOSEPH March 19, 2018

CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the Gospel, little Tommie faced a huge challenge, despite the disdain of his own teammates and the skepticism of the crowd.

CATECHISM LINK This week, children can reflect on the Stations of the Cross.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Use the palm branches your family members receive this Sunday to construct palm crosses. Share the Passion of Jesus with your family, a few passages each day. Use the palm crosses to remind your family of Jesus' journey to his death and resurrection.