28th Sunday in Ordinary Time - B - October 11, 2015

Nothing is Impossible for God

What we easily recognize about God, we find hard to put into practice. We are like the young rich man who was dissatisfied with his spiritual life. He wanted reassurance that he was on the right path to God. But, like many of us, he assumed he was the one who sought God. He didn’t realize it was God who pursued him, so, when the invitation came, he could not say “Yes” to the Lord.


MP3 PODCAST: In this week’s audio podcast, we discuss the gift of salvation. While it is free, it is not easy or convenient., for, as the young rich man in Mark’s gospel learned, it requires a radical choice.

FIRST READING: The book of Wisdom equated the quest for wisdom with a healthy prayer life. As we pray, we find wisdom.

PSALM: Psalm 90 was a song of desperation, a funk only overcome by faith.

SECOND READING: The few verses from the letter to the Hebrews presented the ultimate power of God, the ever-present vision that reveals all secrets and lays bare the soul.

GOSPEL: In Mark’s Gospel, a rich young man approached Jesus with a question: What do I need to do to be saved? Jesus answered with an invitation to discipleship. When the young man walked away from the call, the disciples asked, “If he can’t saved, who can?” Jesus replied, “Everything is possible with God.”

CHILDREN’S READINGS: In the story for the first reading, Randy was intelligent, but not wise. Sometimes wisdom counts far more than smarts do. In the story for the gospel, David was on his game. During a soccer tournament, he played as if he could do the impossible. He believed, so he did. When we believe in God, we realize he can do the impossible.

CATECHISM LINK: In this week’s Catechism Link, we discuss the Ten Commandments, God’s wise ways for us to live.

FAMILY ACTIVITY: Believing in God means that we believe God believes in us. In other words, God believes we can do the impossible; we can change our lives and seek forgiveness. Discuss this view of faith with your family and create a ritual of forgiveness.

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