Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - B - July 21, 2024

No Escape

Despite his best efforts, Jesus could not take his followers into the wilderness for some rest. The people demanded his services, so he relented and spread the Good News.

Sunday Studies

FIRST READING In Jeremiah's rant against the corrupt kings of Jerusalem, a spark of hope appeared. Despite the actions of the king, God would be faithful to his promises. He would raise a righteous king to rule in justice.

PSALM Many people don't realize Psalm 23 is the song of the pilgrim, a person who travels for religious reasons. The journey itself is an act of faith. The traveler places his or her fate in the hands of God.

SECOND READING In Ephesians 2, the author (Paul?) declared former enemies were now friends. In Christ, the prejudice that separated Gentile from Jew no longer held sway. Indeed, the Church is the place to overcome prejudice. All are invited to the assembly of the saved.

GOSPEL Jesus invited his disciples to get away and enjoy that time with him. Unfortunately, the crowds would have their way. So, Jesus resumed his ministry on their insistence.

Other Resources

DAILY READINGS for the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time.

CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Danny focuses upon the most important criteria for being a shepherd. A good shepherd must love his sheep. In the story for the gospel, Vivi got mad at her mother for working on vacation. Sometimes work follows us, in spite of our vacation plans, just like Jesus encountered.

FAMILY ACTIVITY In its own way, summertime can be as full and stressed as any other season. Even on vacation, it's important to take some quiet time, time for family and time for God.