20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - B - August 19, 2018

Eat My Flesh...Drink My Blood

Jesus commands us to “eat his flesh” and drink his blood” so that we will have eternal life. This imperative is immediate and urgent. It requires a real faith commitment to the One who gives us his very life. Eucharist is the highest way a Christian can say, “Jesus, I trust in you.” (St. Faustina Kowalska: 1905-1938)

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING The book of Proverbs presents wisdom as a lady, a woman who invites her subject to a meal. The only requirement for the meal was humility.

PSALM Psalm 34 contains the famous line, “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.” This hymn turned worship toward wisdom, praise towards prudence. Indeed, the way to God is through wisdom.

SECOND READING In Ephesians 5, the author (Paul?) implied the way of wisdom required gratitude. The thankful believer is a faithful believer.

GOSPEL In John 6, Jesus scandalized his audience with the challenge of Eucharist. Faith in Christ requires a commitment, represented in “eating his flesh” and “drinking his blood.”

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS Readings for the 19th Week in Ordinary Time.


CHILDREN’S READINGS In the commentary on the first reading, we consider the dream that has been made real. Such a change requires wisdom. In the story for the gospel, James makes a commitment to eat a simple meal, a peanut butter sandwich. Some meals require more than hunger; they require a real choice. Eucharist is such a commitment meal.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Have a summer time BBQ with ribs. Eating ribs is messy and requires a good gnawing. After such a meal, discuss how the commitment of eating ribs is like the commitment of “eating the flesh of the Son of Man.”