25th Sunday in Ordinary Time - B - September 23, 2018

To Serve a Child

Western culture is youth oriented. Youth, especially children, are given a priority not given in ancient times. Yet, children can be ignored and dismissed. That is not the way Jesus wanted his followers to act. Leadership for Jesus meant care, especially for those who are powerless, like children.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING The book of Wisdom presented the evil as those who attacked the faithful for no other reason than their trust in God. This is truly a trial for the good, but they can take solace in their relationship with the Almighty.

PSALM Sometimes we are lead to thank God even in times of trial, for that prayer is an expectation of salvation. Psalm 54 is such a hymn of thanksgiving in the midst of trouble.

SECOND READING In his letter, James appealed to the higher virtue of wisdom for guidance in the Christian life. God’s wisdom beats the “common wisdom” every time.

GOSPEL Even after Jesus defined his role as Messiah in Mark’s gospel, his followers still didn’t understand. They jostled for leadership positions within the group. This led to a teachable moment for Jesus. Care for the least was the hallmark of Christian leadership.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS Readings for the 24th Week in Ordinary Time.

FEAST OF ST. MATTHEW  September 21, 2018

CHILDREN’S READINGS In the commentary for the first reading, we discuss the difference between selfless and selfish people. In the story for the gospel, Judy realized that baby-sitting her brother meant more to her than watching her favorite television program. Jesus gave that same insight. Caring for the least can bring great rewards.

CATECHISM LINK The first Catechism Link for the fall focuses upon Sin and Virtue.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Collect family stories of service to others, especially children. Place those stories, along with pictures, into a album, labeled, “Our Christian Family.”