Third Sunday in Easter – A – April 30, 2017

Blessings On The Road

Many of us are turning our sights upon summer travel. Some of us relish the travel, some of us are relieved when we arrive. Yet, it is a time to get away and enjoy life. We cannot leave the Lord behind, however. We must always remember, he is with us no matter where we go.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING Peter challenged the crowd who gathered for the Pentecost festival with startling message. Jesus of Nazareth was risen from the dead! He defended that claim with signs of the Spirit and the witness of Scripture. As followers, we accept his claim as fact, but do we proclaim that message to others. Do we show others the power of the Spirit in our lives as proof of our faith?

PSALM Psalm 16 is a prayer for safety amidst the temptations of the world. It is also a statement of confidence that God is present and will not abandon his faithful. How can we pray this psalm in a culture of distraction? How can we reaffirm our trust in a God who saves?

SECOND READING The author of First Peter encouraged his readers to live their lives in the presence of God. He, not the world, saves us. He, not the world, sent his Son as a payment for our loss of innocence. He, not the world, shows us future glory. So, our hope should be in him.

GOSPEL The narrative of the two men on the road to Emmaus is insightful. Luke masterfully mixed the story of despair with hope, life’s journey with worship. But, at it’s core, the narrative spoke to the transforming power that the Resurrection has in each of us. It can change us from doubters to believers. When we encounter the risen Lord, then, we will know, we will know...

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS for the Second Week in Easter.

FEAST OF ST. MARK  April 25, 2017.

CHILDREN’S READINGS In the story for the First Reading, Josh is free for the weekend, free from responsibility, free to do wanted he wanted. Jesus shows us freedom. He freed us from death, and he freely gives us his eternal life. In the story for the Gospel, Cassandra rode away from her house in anger, only to return in the knowledge her mother loved her and wanted the best for her. Two men walked away from Jerusalem in anger, but returned because they had seen God’s love in action. They had seen Jesus alive.

CATECHISM LINK In the Catechism Link this week, we discuss revelation and how we receive revelation: through the Bible and the representatives of the apostles, the bishops.

FAMILY LINK The two men who walked to Emmaus recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread. Enjoy a picnic with your family this weekend, and pray you can recognize Jesus in the meal your share together.