Third Sunday in Advent - C - December 12, 2021


What gives us hope? Vision for a better future. We are willing to change our lives, even sacrifice our lives for a better tomorrow. John the Baptist had a huge appeal simply because he had vision. He gave the people hope because he could see the coming of the Christ.

Sunday Studies

FIRST READING The prophet Zephaniah presented Jerusalem as a young, joy-filled girl. The cause of her joy was divine reconciliation. The time had come for God to be with his people.

PSALM The response verses from Isaiah 12 brim with confidence in the power and activity of God. The Lord will soon come. He will be with us and act for us.

SECOND READING St. Paul wrote a simple message to the community at Philippia. Live in joy by thanking God for all things.

GOSPEL In Luke's gospel, John the Baptist urged a life change among his audience. He implicitly preached hope for he could see the future and the coming of the Messiah.

Other Resources

DAILY READINGS for the Second Week in Advent.


CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Steve dreaded a visit to his cousin Larry's house. Larry usually ignored his younger cousin. But one night changed all that. Distance was turned into joyful friendship, the same relationship God wants with his people. In the story for the gospel, Courtney wanted a doll for Christmas in such a bad way, her desire ruined her holiday spirit and that of her family. John asked people to focus on the needs of others, not themselves. Would they be like Courtney, or would they listen to the his words for respect?

CATECHISM LINK In this week's Catechism Link, we discuss law and God's grace, the way God wants people to live and the help he gives them to live that way.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Choose someone you have a broken relationship with, and send them a Christmas card. Make the card a family affair.