First Sunday in Lent - C – February 14, 2016

The Temptation

The Spirit led Jesus into the desert. There, Satan tempted him with three visions of the Messiah, the bread giver, the ruler of nations and the master of the Temple. All three were self serving. All three he rejected in deference to his Father. He chose obedience over pride.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING The reading from Deuteronomy 26 presented the proper attitude of worship, humility before the Lord.

PSALM Psalm 96 was a hymn of all who entered the presence of YHWH in the Temple. No evil could withstand the holiness of God.

SECOND READING In Romans 10, St. Paul saw faith as a behavior and as an orientation. Faith was confessing with the lips that Jesus was Lord and believing in the heart that he rose from the dead. Anything else was pride.

GOSPEL Luke 4 presented the Temptation of Jesus in the desert where he chose the Father over the self.

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS  for the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time.

ASH WEDNESDAY  February 10, 2016.

DAILY READINGS for the weekdays after Ash Wednesday.

CHILDREN”S READING In the story for the first reading, Dennis worked hard over a surprise test. He did his best, as God calls us to do. In the story for the gospel, three children faced a hard choices over sports, friends and parents. Which one to choose? All three chose love over self interest, just like Jesus did in the desert.

CATECHISM LINK This week's catechism lesson investigates temptation, the grace God gives us to face choices and the development of virtue, the habit that chooses God first in life.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Have your family place notes that have Lenten promises on them into a basket. Mark that basket, “The Best We Give to God.”