Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - C - August 14, 2022

A House Divided

Faith can cause controversy, even the most Christian of homes. Egos clash. Priorities are questioned. Who is right? And who will have their way? Those questions divide families and communities.

Sunday Studies

FIRST READING Jeremiah suffered for his honesty, but was saved for his faithfulness.

PSALM Psalm 40 points to the good times and the bad as a part of life.

SECOND READING The author of Hebrews reacted to the propensity to complain with one phrase, "Hang tough."

GOSPEL In Luke's gospel, Jesus yearned for his time of suffering and predicted trials for his followers, even in their own families.

Other Resources

DAILY READINGS for the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time.

FEAST OF ST. LAWRENCE August 10, 2022

CHILDREN'S READINGS In the reflection for the first story, we consider three different attitudes people have, the desire to do the right thing, the urge to have fun and the desire to just get along. In the story for the gospel, Darby and her family faced a life change, a turn that could tear their family apart or bring it together.

FAMILY ACTIVITY In this week's activity, pray as a couple and as a family to show others who is first in your life.