Sixth Sunday in Easter - C - May 26, 2019

Peace Be With You

Jesus left his followers the commands to evangelize and to love each other. He also gave them the tool to persist in those endeavors: the Spirit. The Spirit brings joy and peace to the faithful follower.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING In Acts 15, St. Paul fought against Jewish Christian who insisted non-Jew convert before they became followers of the Christ. St. Paul won over the leadership in Jerusalem by insisting that God’s will superceded edicts of the Law.

PSALM Psalm 67 was a plea for blessing, so not only Israel, but all the earth could bless the name of YHWH.

SECOND READING In Revelation 21, the new, heavenly Jerusalem was described as a beautiful city, a community built upon the names of the Apostles.

GOSPEL As Easter season begins to ebb away, John’s gospel shifts to spiritual union, reception of the Spirit, God’s peace, and the return of the Christ at the end of time.

Other Resources:


CHILDREN’S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Joe and Andy were friends, but were also fiercely competitive. When a disputed call threatened to cause a fight between the two friends, their teacher stepped in with a compromise, just like the leaders of the Christian community in Jerusalem did for St. Paul and the Jewish Christians. In the story for the gospel, Joe’s family moved away. That distance only strengthened the bonds between Joe and Andy as they emailed each other and challenged each other in online video games. Jesus left his followers in one sense, only to be close to them in other sense. He is not with us in body, but is with us in Spirit and in the Eucharist.

CATECHISM LINK In this week’s Catechism Link, we explore a life in the Spirit.

FAMILY ACTIVITY To bridge the distance of age, create a Family Notebook, a place where family members can leave notes to each other. Share these notes as a family. Use this notebook as a means to pray together.