Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – A – February 26, 2017

Love God, Be Happy

We like to think that anxiety is a modern problem. In reality, worry about food and clothes and shelter is as old as history. Sages in every age have addressed the issue. Some answer with a void; happiness is a lack of anxiety. Jesus, however, answered with a direction. We might not be able to completely escape worry, but we can find peace and happiness with a focus on God.

Sunday Studies:

FIRST READING Isaiah 49 answered the question of distance from God. God hasn't abandoned his people, for how could he forget his own?

PSALM Psalm 62 spoke to struggle prayer can present in life. It saw YHWH as the only answer to the uncertainty in life.

SECOND READING St. Paul wrote his critics in Corinth to hold their tongues. “Wait to judge,” he said, “wait until God judges.”

GOSPEL In Matthew 6, Jesus addressed anxiety. His answer was not “Don't worry, be happy.” It was, “Pray, then be happy.”

Other Resources:

DAILY READINGS for the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time.

CHAIR OF ST.PETER  February 22, 2017

CHILDREN'S READINGS In the story for the first reading, Lance has a shy boy whom others judged harshly. One day, that judgment changed with a new friend, and skills he would learn from that friend. It doesn't matter what others say about us. Only God matters. In the story for the gospel, Gerald worried about a math test. In fact, he worried too much. He needed a break, some time to put his worries in perspective. We need the same quality time to put our world into perspective, God's perspective.

CATECHISM LINK In this week's Catechism Link, we investigate the Precepts of the Church.

FAMILY ACTIVITY Pray and have fun as a family, especially as a means to reduce stress.