Family Activity

Family History in Photographs

In the afterglow of Halloween, many families place the saints and the departed in the background. Yet, the celebration that spoofs evil was meant to preface a time of reflection for the dead.

All Souls Day is the one day of the year that the Church stops to reflect on the departed. As members in the Church, we, too, are called to remember those close to us who have died. And to pray for them.

This day might be the perfect time to break out and dust off the old family photograph books. Sit down with your family and review their family history. Who were grandparents and great-grandparents? Do you have any stories that have been passed from generation to generation about your family? Do you have a relative who has researched your family history? What do they say about your family? Do you have a "family tree" chart? Where are you and your family members in the family tree? End your investigation with a prayer for your extended family. Include the living and the dead on your prayer list.