Family Activity

Family Rosary

The feast of the Assumption stresses two points: the destiny of Mary and our destiny. As Catholics, we believe the mother of Jesus was taken body and soul into heaven. And, as Catholics, we believe we will share in that glory someday.

As the first person to believe the Good News at the Annunciation, Mary symbolizes all Christians. Her "Yes" to God should be our "Yes." She cared Christ into the world through her joy and her pain. We should emulate her faithfulness, just as we strive to show others Christ in our world.

That symbolism also encourages our hope for eternal salvation. The feast of the Assumption reflects that hope. As God did for Mary, we hope he will do for us.

The rosary is a wonderful way to honor the Mother of God and reflect on our destiny in Christ. Teach your family how to say the rosary. Share the Glorious Mysteries with them, especially the forth mystery, the Assumption of Mary into Heaven.