Children's Reading

Making It Easy

Who do you like in your neighborhood? Why do you like this person?

First Reading: Zechariah 9:9-10

Thomas was the tallest fifth grader on his block. He was also handsome, out going and polite. Everyone liked Thomas. And Thomas liked everyone.

Almost everyday during the summer, someone would come over to Thomas' house to play. Monday it was Spencer. Tuesday the Morgan twins came over. Wednesday, Aaron invited Thomas to the movies. Thursday he was the skate park with George. Friday was the on-line video game competition with Neville and Lance. Then the weekend...

His mother wasn't bothered by all the attention Thomas got. In fact, she teased Thomas. "Everyone looks up to you. I mean anyone literally looks up to you, tall boy. You're the king of the street."

"Mom!" Thomas complained.

But, it was no use. His mother started to call him, "Your Majesty." The nickname caught with his friends. It was a good way to embarrass the tallest fifth grader on the block. Thomas would turn red when friends would bow low and proclaim their king, but they all did it because he meant so much to them.

We all look for the "kings" in our lives, people who will lead us, like us and give us a good example. Jesus is such a leader. He is our king. Following him is easy because we mean so much to him.

Bridging question: Have you ever asked someone to help you do something difficult? How did they help you? Did their help make the job easier?

Matthew 11:25-30

Reader 1:

Around that time, Jesus said, "Praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth. You showed those who know little what you hid from those who think they are wise and understand everything. Yes, Father, it happened in the way that pleased you. My Father has given me all knowledge about his Kingdom. No one knows what the Son is really like except the Father. And no one knows what the Father is really like except the Son and those to whom the Son decides to show the Father.

Reader 2:

Come to me all of you who work hard to live right and find the duties of life weigh you down. I will give you rest. Pick up my yoke, place it on your shoulders, and learn from me. For I am gentle and humble. You will find rest. My yoke I give you is easy and my pack I give you is light."

Tammy had lots of homework. She worked hard in school and got good grades. But this new, year-round schedule was terrible. She was in school while her friends enjoyed the summer vacation. "Try to do homework at night when the sun is still out," Tammy thought. "It's impossible!"

One evening, Tammy's mom overheard her sigh. "What's wrong?" her mom asked.

"Oh, Mom," Tammy replied, "I just don't like to go to school in the summer. The sun is still out. And my friends who are on vacation call me up to play. All I can say is 'No.' It's not fair!"

"Tammy," her mom said. "I know you work hard. And it's harder for you now it's summer. May be your father and I can help you?"

"Can you really?" Tammy said, as her spirits picked up. Tammy and her mom began to figure out ways to help Tammy study. Her mom and dad would quiz her for her test on Friday. Her mom made sure the computer was available in the afternoon. And the television stayed off until Tammy got her homework done.

Tammy surprised herself when she finished her homework at 5:30. "I'll eat dinner, do my dishes, then I can go out and play until 8:30! This will be great!" Tammy thought.

When Tammy needed help, she asked for it. And her parents helped her easy her load. She learned a valuable lesson. Don't try to do something hard by yourself. Get help.

Jesus offers us help with our fight to be good. When we follow him, learn from him, he helps us with his love. He helps us to do the right thing. And when we are close to him, his love becomes stronger. The stronger the love we have, the easier it will be for us to do good things.

Ask your parents or your teacher for help even with small things. Thank Jesus for their help and his love.