Family Activity

A Simple Meal of Thanks

In a culture of consumer abundance, our family members might not appreciate true need. For many, need is defined as "that which can be purchased later." And, the "stuff" many do possess becomes an area of turf (what one controls). In this mind set, possession and need can be reduced to "what I have and what I want." The "I" negates any sense of other's lack and gratitude to the Creator.

To break out of this selfishness, plan a simple meal for your family. The meal can be a dinner at home or a picnic in the park. As a prayer for the meal, bless God for his goodness. As your family members pass the food around, have the family member who receives the food say "Thank you, Lord." As the meal progresses, ask family members who has a true need and how your family can help them. (Remember, a true need does not have to physical lack.) Devise a plan of assistance. Close the meal with an offering to God of everything you have.