Family Activity

Selfish Pose, Love Pose

This Gospel presents discipleship in stark terms. Are we ready to follow Jesus to the cross? Obvious most of us will not suffer death for our faith. But that does not mean our faith and our self-giving won't cause us problems in a world where greed is worshiped.

The symbol of the cross itself causes scandal. Here is a man in an execution pose that we present as God. Why is Jesus God? Because he was willing to die for us. Notice the pose Jesus took on the cross is a pose of love. An invitation to acceptance. A look he is ready to hug everyone he meets, even in death.

To make this point, play "Selfish Pose, Love Pose." Have family members hug themselves and turn away, as if they were selfish. Then, have them look at other family members and put out their arms like Jesus on the cross ready to hug. Alternate the two positions. End in the love pose. Announce that Jesus died this way because he wanted to hug everyone in the world.