Family Activity

"My Wants, Others' Needs

What is fair? Sometimes what is fair is different that what is just. In today's gospel, Jesus told the parable of the landlord who gave a just wage. But, in the eyes of the workers it wasn't fair. The difference was point of view. When we focus upon ourselves (like the workers), fairness means getting the same as everyone else. When we look through God's eyes, we give so the needs of others will be fulfilled, even if they receive more than others.

Brainstorm a list of "My Wants, Others' Needs" to discuss the difference between what is fair and what is just. On a piece of newsprint or poster paper, create two columns. Mark one "I want..." and the other "Others' need..." Tell your family "others" mean those outside the family. Now challenge your family members to brainstorm a pair: one personal desire and one need for another person. The want can be as outrageous as possible, but the need must truly be a need. After about 20 pairs, ask your family to cross out unrealistic or frivolous desires. Now compare the columns. How many needs do others have? How many wants do your family members have? Which column is more important? Why?

Finally, devise a plan to help others with their needs. Some family members may want to give up a few desires to help the needy.