Family Activity

Listening Party

In today's gospel, Jesus told a parable about the wedding feast of the King's Son. The nobles of the realm were too busy to attend. So, the King invited the common people. Since the people in the time of Jesus believed heaven would be an endless feast, they understood that Jesus used the parable to talk about the end of the world. The King's Son was Jesus, the nobles were the religious leaders who were too busy to "hear" God's invitation, the common people were those who did "hear" God's invitation and said "yes." The moral of the parable was simple. Take time and listen. And, when you understand the message, say "yes."

Parties are a great place to socialize and listen. So, plan a "Listening Party" for your family. Plan a special meal and decorate the dining area with candles, special place mats, and other party accents. (Get the family involved with decorating.) Begin the meal by reading Matthew 22:1-10 and a few moments of silence to "listen to God's word." Then, beginning with the youngest, listen to each family member discuss what ever he or she wants. No one is to comment or interrupt. After everyone has shared, ask everyone how it felt to be heard. Ask what everyone thought God was saying to them during the reading and the meal. End the meal with a prayer of thanks for ears that listen.