Family Activity

A Review of Spending

Romans controlled he area in which Jesus lived. And his Jewish contemporaries hated foreign rule and foreign taxes. Since the taxes had to be paid in coins stamped with the image of Caesar, Jews considered the mere use of these coins a sign of treason and collaboration. For, the coin recognized Caesar as king, when Jews thought only God should rule. With this in mind, the Jewish leaders tried to trick Jesus into choosing Jewish nationalism (by rejecting the coin) or Roman collaboration (use of the coin). Either choice threatened Jesus. So, Jesus answered with the question of balance. Give to the government its taxes, but the heart belongs to God.

Our use of money reveals our priorities. Yes, we all pay taxes. (And we all complain about it!) But, how do we spend our disposable income, the money left after we pay our bills? This may be a good time to review spending habits. Have a family meeting to review the "My Wants, Others' Needs" project from Sept. 22. How successful was the project? Did it help focus the family's sights on the needs of others? How can the family continue its success or change its failings? Remember the holidays will soon be here. This is a good time to look ahead to investigate ways to "give to God what is God's" through the needs of others.