Family Activity

Love Vacation

For Jews, God's Law (the first five books of the Bible) contained guidelines for high moral living. However, with over 640 individual commands in the Law, the question remained: which ones were the more important than others? Many rabbis tried to list the commands in a hierarchy (most important to the least important). So, asking Jesus the question of importance revealed his priorities.

The Great Commandment is actually two commands: love God with all you have (Deuteronomy 6:6) and love neighbor as self (Leviticus 19:18). Most rabbis in the time of Jesus would have agreed with him that these two "love" commandments were the most important. For they gave a lens through which people could see God's will in their lives.

How can we love God with everything and our neighbors as ourselves? Something as small as a Sunday family outing to see the change in seasons can show God's love and give us time to show love to our family members. So, plan a "Love Vacation." Go out, get away from the phone or chores, and witness the tree leaves turning colors, cool fall air, the excitement of the coming holidays. Walk hand in hand as a family. Sometimes the best way to show love is to take the time to feel loved.