Family Activity

A Night Party

In today's gospel, Jesus told a parable of a wedding. When Jesus lived, the wedding was actually the groom's journey to fetch his bride. After the arrangements were made, the groom would go to the house where his bride lived and take her back to his father's house. When they stepped over the threshold, the couple was married and the reception began. The bride was no longer part of her family, but was now a member of her husband's family.

The bridesmaids in the story were relatives and friends of both families who walked with the groom on his journey. An early evening walk was delayed. The groom would not arrive until the middle of the night. Since a walk in the dark of the night required lamps, oil was essential. Those who did not have oil would have to borrow or buy the fuel. Because the party goers feared bandits and thieves, those who were late were refused admission.

The moral of the parable was clear. Be ready for the Lord. You do not know when he comes!

Reenact the journey with your family in your house. Set up a gathering area, a party area, and a route. Then, at night, darken your house, gather together, and follow the route to your party. Use an oil-based lamp if you can. Along the journey, tell your family you're looking for a party, the same way the bridesmaids looked for the groom and his party. When you get to the party room, turn on the lights and celebrate. At the end, share Matthew 25:1-13 with your family. Discuss how your party and the parable were the same.