Family Activity

"Find Jesus" Game

The second long reading from John described the healing of a blind man by Jesus. The narrative continued with neighborhood gossip, the judgment of the religious leaders, ejection of the healed man from the community, and the faith of the man when Jesus revealed himself as the Messiah. One theme threaded its way through all this action: the ability to see. But like many times in John's gospel, the theme shifted from the physical to the spiritual. In this case, John changed from sight to insight.

Play with this shifting theme in a variation of "Marco Polo." Blind fold a family member while the other members mill about. Designate one person cry out "I'm Jesus," while the others cry out nonsense phrases. The blindfolded person must find the one crying out "I'm Jesus," for only this person can take the blindfold off. After a few rounds, ask the blindfolded person how it felt to find the "Jesus" character and have the blindfold removed. Then, share John 9:1-41. Ask: who really saw Jesus in the story? Who didn't? Why do you think some people are blind to Jesus, while others are not?