Family Activity

Reenact the Resurrection of Lazarus

The last long story from John's Gospel involved the resurrection of Lazarus. Jesus delayed his return to the hometown of Martha and Mary so he could show others his power. And, so he could challenge them to believe in him.

Reenact John 11:38-43. Wrap a family member up in toilet paper and place the "dead" person in another room with the door closed. Read the passage. When Jesus ordered the stone removed, open the door. When he shouts "Lazarus! Come out!" have the wrapped person walk into the room with your other family members. When he commands others to untie Lazarus, unwrap the person. After reenacting the scene several times, share John 11:25-26. Ask: what did Jesus mean by the phrase "I am the resurrection and the life?" Ask the question Jesus asked Martha, "Do you believe this?" End the reenactment with prayer thanking God for his new life.