Family Activity

Water Blessing

Whoever controls water controls life. Modern control of water determines the growth of populations, food supply, even urban development. For example, explosive urban growth in Southern California can be directly connected with the building of Hoover Dam in Nevada, the loss of Owen's Lake in the Eastern Sierras, and the great aqueduct system that pumps water from Northern California rivers over the "Grapevine" to Los Angeles. The people who control water flow control people's lives on so many different levels.

In Marks' Gospel, Jesus calmed the water and, so, averted death. In doing so, he showed his contemporaries his divinity. The Jew believed only God could control the flow and power of water. If Jesus could control water on a massive scale, then he, too, must be God.

We should thank God for the gift of water. To remind your family of that gift, create a "Water Blessing" prayer. Place it on your refrigerator or tape it to your water jug in the refrigerator. Make a habit of blessing God every time you take a drink of cool water.