Family Activity

Trust Me

In John's Gospel, Jesus had a discussion with the people who were fed with a miracle. At the heart of the discussion was the tension between security and faith. The people wanted the security of their tradition, an area that was in their "comfort zone." But Jesus challenged them to trust him, to step out of their "comfort zone."

Trust me. Why? The tension between the command and the question is an area of discussion in the "Trust Me" game. Create and obstacle course in a room or in the backyard without your family members' knowledge. Then blindfold each member and guide them through the course. One time you can guide them silently. Another time you can guide them with verbal commands. After your family members complete the course, ask them "Why did you trust me when you were in the obstacle course?" Use this feedback to answer the question: "How can we trust Jesus?" (There will be some parallels.) End the discussion with a prayer of faith in the Lord.