Family Activity

A Thank You Card for God

When people get complacent with what they have, they assume ownership. They claim rights over the things they "possess" instead of gratitude over the things they are offered. Indeed, many people miss the opportunity to receive a gift because they refuse to see it as a gift.

Jesus' audience had that problem. They thought they had a right to their relationship with God. So they refused to see Jesus as God's gift to them. After all, they thought, he's only the son of a carpenter.

How can our families see possessions as gifts from God? Write a thank you card to the Lord. On a large piece of construction paper, create a card. Have every family member write down things they're grateful for. And don't forget to include the gift of Jesus himself in Communion. Place the card in a place everyone will see. And use the card during the week as a focus for family prayer.