Family Activity

"Being A Christian" Poster

Many scholars believe these passages signify the transition point in Mark's gospel. No longer does Jesus hide the fact he is the Messiah. Indeed, he proclaims the type of Messiah he will be, a Suffering Servant. This message takes Peter and the others completely by surprise. Wasn't he to be the One to lead God's army against the Romans? Wasn't he to be the One to rule as God's Chosen in Jerusalem forever? Of, course, Peter and the others missed the point.

Jesus revealed the true meaning of "Christ" and "Christian." Both mean "selflessness." Both mean sacrifice. To make this point, create a poster labeled "Being a Christian." Have your family draw a winding road to the cross. Then, brainstorm and write down ways to be selfless as road signs on the way to the cross. Place the poster in a place all can see. Use it to generate discussion during the week.