Family Activity

The "Turn-Around" Game

The discussion in this Sunday's gospel is a classic "us vs. them" battle. "We're better than they are," Jesus' followers seemed to say. "They have no right to use the name of Jesus. We do. So, stop them, Lord!" Of course, Jesus had other ideas. Anyone who acted in the name of Jesus had the right to call themselves "Christian."

This Sunday's message continues those of the past several weeks. The opposite of selfishness is sharing. Jesus wants us to share with others in his name. To help make this point, play the "Turn Around" game. Form your family into a circle and hold hands. This is the gesture of family sharing. Now, have one family member pull their hands away, fold their arms, and turn around so their back is to the others. Ask: What would cause someone to turn around? (Anger, selfishness, personal hurt are some possible answers.) Would these cause other members to turn around? (Have another family member to turn around.) Discuss reasons and turn others around until the entire family cannot see each others' faces. In the end, turn around, share a prayer and a hug. Isn't this better?