Family Activity

Believing in God, Believing in Us

Can a rich person be saved? Can any one of us be saved? We can ask the question another way: can we really be true followers of Jesus?

Being a follower of Jesus is more than just following the rules. It means believing in the impossible. It means believing in a God that believes in us, no matter what we do. To make Jesus' point with your family, list the commandments listed in Mark's gospel. Ask your family members how someone could be mean and keep the commandments. Then ask how someone who broke the last commandment ("Honor your father and mother") could still be nice. (Hint: the nice person repents and asks to be forgiven.) Next, have your family members write down areas where they want forgiveness on pieces of paper. (Don't look at each others papers!) Fold the pieces of paper and ask "What do you think God wants to do with these papers?" Answer this rhetorical question by throwing the papers away or burning them. Stress God cares more about the person than just the way they act. He wants us back, because he believes in us.