Family Activity

Cleaning Out Closets

Sacrifice is an ugly word these days. No one wants to think about it, much less do anything about it. Yet, we all make choices to give up a pleasure or ambition for something greater. The gospel of the poor widow spoke volumes. This poor woman sacrificed all for the greater good. In return, she implicitly trusted God would care for her in her need.

Like the widow's simple gift, a simple chore like cleaning out a closet can raise the question of sacrifice. Have your family members help each other clean out cluttered closets. (This weekend might be the perfect time for a "fall cleaning" in anticipation of holiday gift giving.) Divide the clutter into three piles: "Give Away," "Might Keep," "Definitely Keep." After the closet is cleaned out, go through the "Keep" piles. Remind your family members about the parable of the widow's sacrifice. How much can your family members sacrifice? How much can they do without, and trust God for the rest?