Family Activity

On Trial for Jesus

While the two travelers told the disciples about their encounter with the Risen One, Jesus appeared, proved he rose from the dead, and told them that they were now his witnesses. If they were ever before a judge (they were in the Book of Acts), they had to tell the truth. Jesus was risen! They saw it with their own eyes.

What would your family members say if they were called to be witnesses to Jesus? Have a surprise mock trial (try this at dinner time). Administer an "oath" to your family members. Then ask each of them about their faith in Jesus. Take the oath yourself and have your family ask you the same questions: What do you believe about Jesus? Why are you a Christian? Why do you go to church on Sundays? How has being a Christian changed you? Finish by reading Luke 24:35-48. Remind your family Jesus himself charged his followers to be his witnesses. He gives us the same responsibility.