Family Activity

Planning a Party for Jesus

To answer a question about fasting and religious practice, Jesus used two analogies. The first one (Mark 2:19-20) stressed the presence of the Master. The groom's friends (the followers of Jesus) have a party when the groom (Jesus) is present. But they do not celebrate when the groom is absent.

To bring the point home to your family members, share Mark 2:18-20 and have them draw up a list of items and activities for a party with Jesus. What sort of food and decorations should there be? What sort of games would Jesus like to play? Where could you throw the party for Jesus? (Allow for creativity here; the list will help family members bring a relationship with Jesus into greater focus.) Decorate and display the lists. You may even consider throwing the party you planned. (In any case, stress Mass as a party where we celebrate the presence of Jesus.)