Family Activity

Family Rules

Mark presented two stories that pitted the spirit of the Law against its letter. The Pharisees, who kept the Law scrupulously as a way to please God, objected to Jesus' lax adherence to the Law. Jesus held the spirit of the Law so high above strict obedience to the Law, he deliberately broke the customs of the Pharisees to make a point. Compassion outweighed adherence.

Family rules, like religious rules, should bring family members closer together. They should encourage mutual respect and the common good. Their logic should be clear to all. If they do not, the rules will be questioned and even disobeyed.

How can children understand the reasoning behind family rules? Have them create their own rules for their rooms. On poster paper, help your children write room rules. As they create their rules, ask them why they have their rules, how their rules will encourage respect for others (not just themselves), and how the rules will bring the family together. Don't forget to put in a parental respect rule (after all, parents are in charge). Post the rules in the rooms of the children and discuss the rules often.