Family Activity

Discussion About Joy

Every reading for this Sunday addresses change. Elijah prayed for a dead son of a widow and the boy came back to life. Jesus raised the only son of a widow. St. Paul told how he converted to a better life. In each reading, darkness turned into light, sorrow turned into joy, simply because God showed his power.

Bad things happen to us, but that should not stop us from seeing these rough patches as opportunities for a better life. While that is a lesson most of us learn in our adult lives, even children experience the joy of change. Children have the thrill of mastering bike riding, the rush of an athletic or academic achievement, the relief of being forgiven. Have a family discussion about bad times turning into good times. Keep the discussion on the level of feelings, then read Luke 7:11-17 and talk about the feelings of the people who saw the dead son come back to life. Finish by thanking God for the time he made you and your family members feel better.