Family Activity

Forgiveness Ritual

In Luke's gospel, a woman suddenly rushed into an all male party, planted herself at the feet of the honored guest, and sobbed so much that she washed the feet of the guest. This unusual display of ill manners was actually a self-chosen ritual to say "I'm sorry." There are some rituals like this in modern society. Chastened husbands send flowers to their wives as a way to say those two simple words. Wives make delicious meals to sooth the anger of their mates. Children write notes to parents so they can be forgiven. Despite their informality, these rituals can be effective in renewing relationships.

With Luke 7:36-49 in mind, discuss such forgiveness rituals. Which ones are appropriate? (Do not let your family members confuse that question with the manipulative question: Which ones work? That question is, of course, out of bounds.) Use examples in your life that might help move the discussion along. Such a conversation is important to promote the well-being of the family. Forgiveness is that important.