Family Activity

"Have To, Want To" Game

In the Gospel, Jesus asked his followers, "Where do I fit into your life?" Peter's answer raised the importance of Jesus in the lives of the followers. He was God's Chosen. To know Jesus was to know God. As such, he was the most important person in life.

Jesus went on to demand loyalty. This was more than obedience. When someone obeys, he does what someone in authority wants. But, loyalty is given freely. Loyalty is not "I have to" but "I want to."

To make the point, play the "Have To, Want To" Game. Brainstorm a group of activities for family members. Then, create two stacks of cards that look alike. Mark one stack "Have To" and the other stack "Want To." Shuffle the stacks together. Announce an activity for a family member. Have that family member pick a card. If the card says "Have To," he or she must complete the activity. If the card says "Want To," he or she has a choice in the activity. After several rounds, discuss the meaning of loyalty. Read Luke 9:18-24. What is Jesus asking from his followers? End with a prayer for the gift of loyalty.