Children's Readings: Gospel: Luke 10:1-9

Judy's Travel Plans

How does your family get ready to go on vacation?

Reader 1:

After this, Jesus chose seventy followers and sent them out in pairs. Those followers were to go and prepare every town and area Jesus wanted to visit. Jesus told them:

Reader 2:

God has a great harvest. But he has few workers to bring it in. Beg the Lord to put workers out into the ripe fields.

Reader 1:

Now go! Listen! I send you out like sheep into a wolf pack. Don't carry a wallet or extra shoes. And don't stop to talk to friends along the way. When you arrive to stay with a family, first say, ' May the peace of the Messiah be with you.' If the head of the family wants to hear your message, your blessing will remain with him. If he rejects it, your blessing will return to you. Stay with the family that receives you. Eat and drink with them. For a worker is worth his pay. Just don't move from family to family in the same area.

Reader 2:

When you enter a city and the people welcome you, eat everything they set before you. Heal the sick in the city and announce to them, 'The Kingdom of God is close to you!'

Vacation time was near and Judy's heart was ready! Time away from school! Time to go to the amusement park! Time to see new things! Free time!

There was only one problem. Judy's heart was ready, but bags weren't packed. The car wasn't ready. No one had made arrangements to take care of the pets. No one in her family seemed to be prepared for their coming trip. The only items her father had were the plane tickets and the hotel reservations.

A week before their vacation, Judy's father began to make lists of chores. He handed a list to each member of the family. Judy's list included what to pack and what not to pack. It included what to clean around the house and what packets of food to prepare for her dog. For the next several days, everyone was frantically preparing the house, the pets, and their luggage.

A day before their trip, Judy cleaned her room and began to pack. She was given only one suitcase. How was she going to pack for a three-week trip in a single, small case? Frustrated, she stomped into the living room and demanded, "Dad, we've got to talk!"

"What?" her father answered, caught off guard.

"Dad," Judy said, ignoring his surprise, "we're going for three weeks. And you gave me only one suitcase. Do you really expect me to wear the same clothes over and over? I need more space!"

"Judy," her father calmly responded, "you need to pack smart. We have only so much room in the car and on the plane. We need to travel fast and light. When we get to our destination, people will take care of us."

"You really want me to believe that everything will be alright?" Judy asked sarcastically.

"Yes, I do," her father said smiling. 'I know you can pack well. I know everything will be alright because we've traveled like this before. If we're ready, everything will run smoothly."

Judy sighed and walked quietly in her room to pack. The next day, she and her family went on their vacation trip. But, in the middle of the trip, she realized her father was right. They packed light to travel quickly. And people were there to take care of them.

Jesus gave his followers the same instructions. Pack light to travel fast. People will take care of you. But there was a difference between the instructions of Judy's father and Jesus because there was a difference for their trips. Judy and her family went on vacation. Jesus sent his followers out to preach the Good News and to prepare the people for his visit.

When we travel, whether we go on vacation or we go to see relatives or we go on business with our parents, let us take Jesus along with us. Let us spread his Good News in what we say and what we do. Then we will be his messengers.

Travel light, let people take care of you, and bring the Good News to the people you meet.

How can you bring God's Good News to everyone you meet on vacation?