Family Activity

"Strings Attached" Game

In Luke's gospel, Jesus used an extreme case to make a point. Relationships are more important than money. People are more important than stuff. It's an easy moral to tell. But, it's a difficult moral to live out.

The consequences of the moral can easily be shown with the "Strings Attached" game. Gather together old or useless items from around the house that can be tied to twine. Tie a few of these items together with twine. Then, tie a long piece of twine to the items. Take the two or three groups of items into the yard. With your family members together, tie the twine of one or more groups around the leg of a family member. Have the family member walk around connected with the items (you could even make a race out of the exercise). Now, untie the twine and have the family member walk around with another family member hand in hand. (Another race?) Now ask a few simple questions. Which would you rather do: walk around with junk tied to you all the time, or walk hand in hand with the person you like? Why? Read Luke 12:13-21 to your family. Ask your family members what choice the rich man made: junk or person? Impress upon your family that owning stuff always has strings attached.