Family Activity

Quiet Prayer Time

This Sunday's theme echoes that of two weeks ago: the end of the world. However, this gospel includes the notion of surprise. Despite signs of the end (wars, earthquakes, and famines), God will return on his timetable, not ours. We Christians who anticipate the end will be as surprised as those who do not believe. God simply calls us not to worry, but to be prepared.

The Christmas season is now a week old. The anticipation of the season may make us worried and unprepared. Surprises of others' plans and unexpected bills irritate us. How can we spiritually prepare for the season in the midst of unwelcome surprise? One way is a moment of family silence. When you gather for family prayer, whether around the dinner table, or at bed time, try a moment to gather thoughts and place them before God. You'll be surprised how such quiet moments help relieve stress and put the season in perspective.