Children's Readings

Patience and the Power of Little Things

Opening Question: How many of you are already looking forward to Halloween? What do you want to be? Are you going to any parties?

First Reading: Habakkuk 1:2-3;2:2-4

"I just can't wait!" Angie said. As a ball of nervous energy, Angie always looked ahead. This time Angie planned for Halloween; she was already putting her costume together, a month before Trick or Treat. She was going to be a fairy princess, with white silk on her dress, sparkle make-up and wand, dyed high heels, and matching bag.

If Angie couldn't wait, neither could the stores at the mall, advertisements on TV, or on the bulletin boards at school. Everywhere, there were signs of Halloween. And everyone gets caught up waiting for the big night. Angie just gets more excited than others.

But Angie, like the rest of us, need to wait. The night will arrive soon enough. We'll have all the candy, the parties, and the fun we can handle. Just enjoy the next month, because the spirit of Halloween is already here. We need only look.

Like Angie, Habbakuk couldn't wait for God to act. But he was acting; the prophet didn't see it. The prophet needed patience, for, like Halloween, God's day will come.

Bridging Question: How many of you have seen small things grow into large powerful things?

Gospel: Luke 17:5-10

Reader 1:

The apostles told Jesus, "Give us faith!"

Reader 2:

"If you had faith even the size of a really small mustard seed," Jesus replied, "you could tell this mulberry tree, 'Jump out of the ground and plant yourself in the sea' and the tree would obey you."

Reader 1:

If you had a servant who worked in the field or with the flock, would you invite him to join you for dinner when he came home at night? Wouldn't you really tell him to prepare and serve you dinner first, then clean up after you before he ate? Do you thank the servant for doing what he has been told to do? So, you are to be like a servant. When you everything God told you to do, just say, 'We are useless servants. We are only doing what we were supposed to do.'"

Algie can turn a crystal clear pool to a pea soup green in a matter of days.

Germs smaller than what you can see can make you very sick and even kill you.

Atoms, smaller than even scientists can see with their best instruments, can cause nuclear explosions large enough to destroy big cities and millions of people.

Small things have great power to do unbelievable things.

One day, Sam saw a professional skateboarders on TV. From that moment on, Sam decided to get a skateboard and practice. But, because Sam's family did have much money, doing tricks with a deck would have to do.

Slowly, Sam saved money, did jobs, and practiced. A new deck was Sam's first purchase, then the wheels and bearings, and finally the trucks. At, last Sam had a good skateboard. With a new board came new tricks.

With more ambition, Sam saved money for pads and a helmet. Grinding, kick flips, and rail riding gave way to half pipe tricks and working on a fun box.

Sam was soon ready for competition. But few could believe that a short kid with long hair could do much. When the competition was over, everyone believed, for, over the PA, they all could hear, "Samantha Smith, First Place."

A little thing like a decision can change a life. Those who believe in their decisions can through trees into the ocean.

What small things can you do to help others? How big could those small things become?