Family Activity

"Thank God" Scroll

Throughout the history of Israel, people dealt with contagious diseases with a quarantine. The sick were to live outside the local town or village until they got better. Then, they would show themselves to the local priest, who would allow the person to rejoin the community. The ten men who had a contagious skin rash wanted Jesus to cure them, so they could return to their family and friends. (Please note: the men probably did not have what we moderns call leprosy or "Hansen's disease." There is scientific evidence the Palestinians of Jesus' time contracted this terrible, incurable aliment, but the proof is very limited.)

But one man returned, just to say "Thanks." How many times have we thanked the Lord for returning us to health, for family life, for the many blessings he has given us? Create a "Thanks be to God" scroll. On a long sheet of parchment-like paper, have your family members write down all the things for which they should thank God. Post the scroll and use it this week as the center of your family prayer.