Family Activity

The "Turn Around" Game

Zacchaeus was a little man with a big reputation. As a head tax collector, he was treated as a cheat and a traitor by his fellow countrymen. And they were justified in their view. Imagine how shocked they were when Jesus welcomed him and he changed!

Zacchaeus repented. The Hebrew word for repentance is "shuv, " which literally means to turn around and walk the other way. So, play the "Turn Around Game" with your family to get the meaning of repentance across. Tie a piece of yarn to the ankle of a family member, have he or she walk away from you several feet, then tug on the yarn as a signal to turn around and walk toward you. The tug on the foot is like God's call to turn back to him. Just like Jesus tugged on the heart of Zacchaeus to return to God.