Family Activity

Fishin' for Everyday Miracles

Jesus called Simon with a large catch of fish. Like any good fisherman, Simon would cast his net at the first light of dawn when fish would seek the heat and oxygen of the day. Later in the day, the fish would swim lower and avoid dangerous shadows (from boats). Fishing in the mid-day was counter-initiative to a fisherman. Such a large catch in mid-day would be truly miraculous! In the face of a great catch, Simon tried to withdraw from the presence of the miracle worker. But, Jesus called Simon to a greater cause: to call others to faith.

Jesus calls everyone in great or small ways. He uses miracles directly and other people indirectly. Some have seen miracles, while other have come to faith through the actions of others. Make both points with your family with the "Fishing Game." Draw and cut fish shapes out of construction paper. On each fish, write down miracles people see everyday (the birth of a child, the kindness of a stranger, the love of family, etc.). String the fish on a line and pole. Ask your family members who would be attracted by each fish. Hang the fish and pole as a reminder to pray for those people.