Family Activity

Family Poor Box

Unlike Matthew's Beatitudes, Luke had a set of Beatitudes and Woes. Luke's Beatitudes comforted the poor, the dejected, and oppressed; God was with them. His Woe's condemned the rich, haughty, and the arrogant; God would judge such harshly. In the time of Jesus, five percent of the population controlled 95% of the wealth. The few controlled the economy. So, Jesus, in Luke, could easily criticize the rich few.

While economic times have changed, the temptations remain the same. It's easy to forget the poor and the powerless. It's easy to get caught up in one's wealth and self importance. To focus on those in need (and away from the self), set up a family Poor Box. Place you change in the box and encourage your family members to do the same. Display the box in a prominent place to remind your family of those who God will truly bless.