Family Activity

"Love of Enemies" Poster

What is love all about? For the young, love is a warm emotion. For the mature, love is a commitment that transcends feeling. In Luke, however, Jesus proposed another meaning for love: graciousness towards enemies.

Enemies can be divided into those who dislike us and those whom we dislike. Jesus addressed the former. There are people in the world who hate us Christians simply because we follow Jesus. We can show kindness to those people as a way to invite them to change their hearts (and become one of us!). However, the latter (the people we dislike) are harder to address. And, the words of Jesus still stand.

How can we treat our enemies with honest graciousness? Start with identifying ways. Create a "Love of Enemies" poster. Have your family members cut out pictures of enemies (from newspapers and magazines) as a means to identify those who hate. Brainstorm ways to treat enemies with kindness. Write those ways on the poster. Use the poster was a way to discuss love of enemies.