Family Activity

Healthy Vs. Rotten Fruit

In this gospel, Jesus warned against ambition and the urge to quickly judge others. Ambition focuses on one's own interests over those of others. From this urge to judge others with speed grows many others: the desire to gossip, criticism and sarcasm. Both can destroy the good that many took so long to build up.

How can petty ambition and quick judgment hurt us? Compare a healthy piece of fruit and a bruised piece to show their damage. Show how the bruised piece is hurt from the inside out (like ambition and speedy judgment actually bruise the heart of the selfish). Now show how the healthy piece of fruit is like the person with the healthy, loving heart who quickly heals from the hurt. Ask your family to think of other things that can bruise or heal the heart. Pray God helps you and your family share with each other and avoid making rush judgments. Pray God heals the bruises in the heart.