Family Activity

Do You Trust Me?

In John's gospel, Jesus promised the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit whom a Christian could really trust. Like anything infectious, when we trust one person, it's easier to trust those that person trusts. If we can trust a believer, we can trust the One in whom he or she places her faith.

To make this point with your family, play a trust game. Set up an obstacle course without your family members seeing your creation. Then, one by one, lead your family members through the obstacle course blindfolded. Each time your blindfolded family member meets an obstacle, ask "Do you trust me?" If the person says "Yes," help the person with the obstacle. After everyone is done with the obstacle course, ask each them the question "Do you trust me?" When they all agree, point their attention to the One you trust, the Spirit. End the game with a prayer to the Spirit, the One in whom we can all trust.