Family Activity (Cycle A)

Drawing "The Flight into Egypt"

This reading is referred to as the "Flight into Egypt." There's old joke about a religion teacher who asked her students to draw the Holy Family on the move. One student drew the Holy Family in an oasis. Another drew the Family on a donkey, in transit. One inventive student had a different idea. He drew a picture of a jet with four people in it. When the teacher saw the picture of the Flight into Egypt, she immediately recognized the Holy Family as the passengers in the back of the jet. But when she asked about the identity of the fourth person in the front of the plane, the student remarked, "Don't you know who that is? That's Pontius the Pilate!"

Now you're one up on your family members. Have them draw the scene of the Flight into Egypt as a way to discuss the story. Tell them the joke, if you wish. (Don't be surprised if the younger members of your family don't get the joke.)