Family Activity (Cycle B)

Holy Spirit Scavenger Hunt

Joseph and Mary took their small child to fulfill a religious obligation in the Temple. What they received was prophecy concerning Jesus. For the couple, it was a time of hope and apprehension.

The Sunday after Christmas. The holiday is past. Now, everyone is looking forward to the coming New Year. How would you and your family like to continue the Christmas spirit of hope? Have your family members partake in a Baby Jesus Scavenger Hunt.

Read Luke 1-2 (Matthew 1-2 is an option) and think of small items from the readings. (A bag of straw from the crib, pictures of the Holy Family from Christmas cards, small baby blankets, etc.) Hide these items throughout the house. Then, turn off all the lights to your house in the evening and share the Luke 2:22-40 by candle light. Give your family members a list of the items and a small light (candle for the older members, flashlights for the younger members) to search the darkened house for the items. After your family collects all the items, add a knife to the collection. Ask your family members why you added a knife. (Hint, the answer is in the reading!) Close the activity and discussion with a prayer for the new year.